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Welcome to Yellowstone Working Equitation

This group was started by local Working Equitation enthusiasts and we're so excited to welcome them to Warfield Park! Follow this link to to learn more, or join us for one of our organized Play Days the first Sunday of every month. 

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About Our Community...

One of the things that members most appreciate about the sport is the supportive, positive community.

Part of maintaining and growing that community is offering ways for people interested in learning more about working equitation to connect with others. USAWE currently offers two programs designed to help foster a healthy community and provide outreach to others:  Affiliate Organizations and the Professional Instructors Program.

Affiliate Organizations are groups that have applied to be listed as resources on the USAWE website. Each Affiliate Organization must be a legally-recognized entity (sole-proprietor, LLC, S-Corp, Nonprofit, etc.) with a focus on Working Equitation. New Affiliate Organization applicants are warmly encouraged! You can find the Affiliate Organization application on our Affiliate Organizations page.

The Professional Instructors program was originally launched in 2021 as the WE Coaches Network. Professional Instructors are recognized for having demonstrated both their abilities as instructors and their knowledge of Working Equitation through the completion of a variety of educational and performance requirements including having successfully passed an exam of the current U.S. Rules for Working Equitation. You are encouraged to contact the Professional Instructor nearest you to help get you started in this amazing sport.


Please join our e-mail community, and follow our Facebook page to receive the latest updates. 


More in the region...

As we are a newly formed group, we wanted to share the links to other Working Equitation groups in the area.

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